The combined power of entrepreneurs and investors
Navivo Capital is a venture capital fund designed to support fearless entrepreneurs in their conquest for global markets. We provide growth capital and share insights, experience, and network of proven global entrepreneurs and investors to make it happen.
Our strategy
Invest in CEE-based companies with a proven product and help them go global.
We offer complete unique VC package of flexible capital, entrepreneurial and investment experience.
  • Unique
    team’s competence

    We have seen this movie before. We have built global companies out of CEE. We have invested over $200m in growth equity as well as decided on buying and selling Unicorns. We delivered consistent 3x returns to our investors on our VC portfolio.

    Now experienced investors join forces with accomplished business builders to help your companies make the most of their global potential, through our investment, business insight and fund-raising competence of our team and our network.
  • Unique

    We invest in companies that solve important problems of the modern world engaging teams with exceptional skills and hungry for global success. We expect at least a validated business model or commercialized technology and a proven product-market fit.

  • Unique
    investment scope

    We support founders mainly from Round A through growth and expansion Rounds B and C. This way we can provide startups with longer-term financial support than a typical VC fund. We might invest in pre-A Round on an exception basis together with another renowned VC fund.
  • Unique
    investment product

    As a 100% private fund we have exceptional flexibility in terms of financing. We tailor investment to company needs, not the other way round. Together with founders we determine the best financing for the company. We support businesses via investments in equity, providing convertible loans or venture-debt. We help companies also with special situations, e.g.: debt-to-equity conversion or pre-IPO.
  • Unique
    geographical mandate

    We focus on Central Europe, but we are open for investment opportunities outside of the CEE Region. Our management team invested across Europe, Asia and the US. With that first-hand experience we will support our companies in global expansion.
Tomasz Danis
Mariusz Książek
Marcin Borowiecki


Investments by Navivo Capital
Gaming and esports data infrastructure platform
Bionic hand of unprecedented strength and control with rehabilitation software
Selected investments of our team prior launching Navivo Capital
Leading Polish residential real-estate developer (
Global VoIP videotelephony leader – acquired by eBay
Largest e-grocery in Poland exited to Eurocash
Largest Online Tour Agent in Central Europe exited to Rockaway
Swedish payment fintech exited to PayPal
Online consumer lender. Sold to Kruk SA
Producer of radio-pharmaceuticals for tomography PET/CIT and distributor of medical robots da Vinci
Gaming cloud platform exited to Intel
Fashion e-commerce – IPO on WSE
Recruiting agency and specialized services in HR
Largest German re-commerce of electronics
B2B operator for company ride hailing
Online booking SaaS platform. Acquired by Booksy and integrated with the US business
Media relations SaaS exited to SEMrush
Variable recruiting incl. temp job, outplacement, IT oursourcing
Communication software for companies
E-commerce in babycare exited to Windeln
Producer of Lycopen-based antioxidant drink


We invest in people bringing solutions to major problems through technology, not the technology itself. 

Business and consumers expect fast and effective tech solutions to the new challenges and problems that have gained momentum in recent years.
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